Through our association with Heritage Research Associates and OBEC Consulting Engineers, both in Eugene, we have enjoyed a long history of working on Oregon's covered bridges. These "quaint" wooden structures remain throughout most of western Oregon and virtually all of those remaining are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Although generally located on bypassed routes, where heavy traffic can utilize a modern span, covered bridges are still typically part of the county road system and considerable time and effort is spent to make sure that these picturesque structures remain standing, remain safe, and accurately reflect their original construction. Federal funding, through the Historic Covered Bridge Fund, means that most activity is subject to Section 106 review and so we've worked on dozens of bridges over the years.

Currently there are major projects in various stages of development in Douglas, Lane and Linn counties, including the Goodpasture Bridge, the Deadwood Creek Covered Bridge, the Short Covered Bridge and others.