Converted to use as a movie theater in 1925 and one of the finest examples of Egyptian Revival architecture in the western United States, Coos Bay's Egyptian Theatre is a landmark in the middle of downtown. Purchased by the city's Urban Renewal Agency and operated by the non-profit Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association, the building was in the early stages of a planned restoration and upgrade when an unfortunately conservative structural report resulted in its sudden closure. We have been working with the City and the EPTA since late last year to craft a strategy to not only get the building back open but to reverse the public opinion about the project.

Theatre restoration contains multiple phases, from the upfront "should we do this" to the practical "how do we do this" that present challenges if you've never been through it. In Coos Bay, a smaller community, these sorts of challenges can seem overwhelming. And then there is the "now that we've done this, how do we keep it going" phase... Coos Bay has put together a great team so far to make sure that the Egyptian gets all the answers its needs.