Kramer & Company provides a wide range of architectural, documentation, and design services that are focused upon the creative reuse, restoration or rehabilitation of existing structures. Our full range of services begin with project planning and documentation and continue all the through to design and construction as appropriate.


Archival and physical documentation is the first step in any historic restoration project. National Register listing is used as a threshold for a variety of state, local, and federal tax incentives.


Working with builders and architects, we have provided design input for a wide range of infill and historically-based new construction projects. In addition we serve as the design consultant for municipal facade improvement programs, working with property owners and contractors.

Section 106/Cultural Resource Mgt

Primarily through a long-standing association with Heritage Research Associates, Eugene, we prepare a range of documentation for government and federally-regulated entities including power projects, transportation resources, and others. Our work includes Section 106 and 4(f) reports as well as contexts, management plans, mitigation documents and interpretative materials.


Public Presentations, lectures, walking tours and similar activities can help governments and the general public develop a better understanding of the role that historic resources play in the local economy.

Code Development

Clear, well-illustrated, and detail development code and guidelines provide applicants with an upfront understanding of what is expected when working on or near a historic property. This save them time and money while protecting the public's interest in designated resources and preserving quality of life.